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The International 7

Team Newbee in their team suite after The International 7’s Grand Finals.

True Sight documentary of The International 7 Grand Finals announced

How pros and regular players beat Elon Musk's beloved esports bot

Torte de Lini on the Newcomer Stream: ‘You have to feel like you’re part of the community’

Short Film Contest winner MaxOfS2D: ‘Dota 2’s universe is really magical and inviting’

Siltbreaker Part II released with new casual mode, Artifact changes

Sccc & We: Western Dota 2 community falls in love with the Newbee mid

Team Liquid are The International 7 champions

The International 7 schedule: Main event schedule, results and beyond

Two new Dota 2 heroes confirmed at The International 7

An advanced Shadow Fiend bot just 1v1’d Dendi—and decimated the esports celebrity

Pudge beats Rubick in Arcana vote by mere thousands

OG’s Fly: “The meta’s in a pretty good state”

Cr1t- on EG captaincy: ‘I just try to make it work for us’

The International 7 prize pool breakdown, with the winner getting over $10 million

TI7 Group Stage results — LGD.Fy, Liquid take top; Fnatic, Hellraisers first eliminated

TBS’s Dota 2 docuseries plays well with vets and newcomers