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Dota 2’s next massive patch, The Dueling Fates, drops November 1

Beyond The Summit streams... a pre-patch countdown...?

MMR boosting finally punished and behavior scores tweaked in latest Dota 2 patch

Dota 2 bids adieu to TI7 Battle Pass, including Chat Wheel, Siltbreaker

Dota 2 7.06f patch dropped in aftermath of The International 7

Siltbreaker Part II released with new casual mode, Artifact changes

Two new Dota 2 heroes confirmed at The International 7

Dota 2 introduces limited-hero, “high behavior score” matchmaking for newcomers

TI7 Battle Pass extended to September 10, Siltbreaker Act 2 to August 20

Valve quietly retroactively rewards rare items from Immortal Treasure III

Immortal Treaure III is now available through Battle Pass

Sand King, Queen of Pain among top TI7 qualifier heroes nerfed in 7.06e

Battle Pass owners can now unwrap Player Card, choose $100k All-Star Match Picks

Valve releases 7.06e in wake of TI7 qualifiers

Battle Pass owners can now earn the Immortal Treasure II

Siltbreaker awakens in Act I of Dota 2’s co-op campaign