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Darkest Dungeon Ancestor announcer available in Dota 2 on October 2

Dota Jam announcer pack in Workshop officially brings voice of Tim Kitzrow to Dota 2

Halt the presses, there are dogs in Dota 2 costumes at The International 8

“On The Cliff” wins Dota 2 Short Film Contest 2018, takes $25,000 grand prize

Here are your Dota 2 Arcana Vote finalists

Japanese caster 17uu on quest to hype every player at The International 8

SirActionSlacks to release Valve-sponsored Dota Pro Circuit recap, new “Down-low” series leading up to The International

Dutch Dota 2 players can now see “loot” before buying, opening luck boxes

Let’s talk about the red pandas of Dota 2

OpenAI five-versus-five gameplay capacity, pro showcase announced

These are the chat wheel sounds available in the The International 8 Battle Pass

Gabe Newell shares how Io carries his items

Newbee’s Sccc finally shares his scent secrets with Scccuh perfume

Dota 2 Baby Roshan statuette quality prompts Valve response, promise of reissuing


Composer of TI8 Battle Pass music pack shares behind-the-scenes video

This stream has:

The International 8: Keeping up-to-date with Dota 2’s — and esports’s — largest annual tournament

In 24 hours, The International 8’s prize pool is 116.4 percent of last year’s one-day total

Immortal Treasure I: A look at the TI8 Battle pass’s first Immortals

TI8 Battle Pass guide: How to level up and earn Battle Points

This stream has:

The International 8 Battle Pass: Guides, rewards and more

The Battle Pass for The International 8, Dota 2’s biggest tournament, has arrived

Dota 2 Redditors hold (fictional) penguins hostage in exchange for TI8 Compendium

Dota pro players get fluff treatment with fanmade Pusheen gifs


BBC documentary “Just Boys IRL” follows Dota 2 friends meeting, travelling for the first time

Dota 2 at the Dinner Table: How do you explain Dota to your loved ones?

Dutch Dota Championships brings regular competitive Dota 2 to regional television

All eight Midas Mode teams pledge winnings to charity

Lore via Artifact can be a fresh gateway into Dota 2

Cars, chips and warm words for ESL One Hamburg players

Beyond The Summit streams... a pre-patch countdown...?

Power Ranking of the Treasure of the Emerald Revival’s sets

FaceIt announces FPL Circuit in-houses open to all Dota 2 players