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Dota Jam announcer pack in Workshop officially brings voice of Tim Kitzrow to Dota 2

Dota 2 fans have been waiting years to bring the NBA Jam’s announcer back into their client.

Is it the boots!? That’s what Tim Kitzrow wants you to ask with the official Dota Jam announcer pack, based on his iconic voiceover in the hit arcade game NBA Jam, among other sports titles.

The hype-man voice actor himself confirmed the voice pack on his official Twitter:

Older Dota 2 fans willing to do the work may remember that a fan-made version of this announcer pack was made as a mod.

In older days, fans could swap out voice lines, sound effects, models and more by swapping out files and using a launch command. The “NBA DOTES” version of this pack was one of the more well-known mods, along with the Broodmother Arachnaphobe model pack, which turned Broodmother into a frog.

Unfortunately, this was patched out early in the Reborn version of the Dota 2 client.

Fans nostalgic for the NBA pack now may be in for a slammin’ time — if Dota 2 voters and Valve will permit it. This announcer pack is currently up in the Workshop pending votes and approval.

Other fans looking for a more serious but still-intense pack are awaiting the Darkest Dungeon announcer pack, which is in post-recording stages, according to Wayne June, the actor responsible for the voice.