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Battle Pass 2018 extended for current owners

Dota 2 Battle Pass owners will get another two weeks to enjoy their perks and unpack their rewards.


The International 8 had some of the best Dota 2 we’ve seen in a very long time, plus a Cinderella story ending that would make any sports fans cry. However, with all that spectacular Dota 2, fans might have been too busy or exhausted to keep on going with their Battle Pass.

No worries — the Battle Pass has been extended for another two weeks. Fans now have until September 10th to enjoy the Battle Pass’s perks.

Valve made this announcement alongside their winner’s announcement for The International:

In the wake of The International, we’re extending the Battle Pass for two more weeks. So everyone that was busy watching OG’s road to the Aegis can now enjoy their Battle Pass features until Monday, September 10.

While all Battle Pass features will be available, users will not be able to progress by spending money, as Battle Pass spending has been locked. This means that neither levels nor new Battle Passes may purchased. Progression is locked entirely to activities such as Cavern Crawl, Underhollow and tipping.

You can buy the Trove Carafes still, including the upgraded Autograph ones.

Valve locked these purchases pretty quickly after The International to lock down a final crowd-funded prize pool of $25,532,177, with winners OG Dota winning $11,190,158. The runner-up team, China’s PSG.LGD, will also get a hefty $4,069,148.

EDIT: Updated to reflect Immortal Treasures not being purchasable.