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These are the chat wheel sounds available in the The International 8 Battle Pass

Channel your toxicity here.


The chat wheel noises are back by popular demand. A spammable favorite, these were introduced as part of last year’s Battle Pass, with pro players using them throughout The International 7. The noises include anything from applause to lines by casters in official Dota 2 matches.

The chat wheel noises provide a wide range of opportunities to communicate with your teammates, and are totally, obviously statistically proven to decrease toxicity as a conduit for toxic behaviors (note: we do not have these statistics and this statement should be taken as An Opinion). Whether you’re praising Icefrog with the “frog” noise, or flaming yourself with Tobiwan’s classic “Disastah” voice line, there are plenty of applicable situations for you to utilize these.

More importantly, they’ve become a vital part of the professional scene’s metagame, with voice lines blasting to one team or both in the highest levels of play. So now, obviously, chat wheel spamming is the best way to the new Immortal medal.

Want some of these sounds for yourself? It’s going to take some money and grinding, as some of these are hundreds of levels up, including the new Filipino “Epic Caster Pack.” But just in case you want to make the climb, here are all the noises, grunts and yells available this year.

Sound Pack 1 —Level 24

  • Ba-dum tishh
  • Charge
  • Frog
  • Crash and burn
  • Applause

Sound Pack 2 — Level 95

  • Bock bock
    [like a chicken]
  • Kiss
  • Oww
  • Party horn
  • Snore
  • Yahoo

Caster Pack 1 — Level 156

  • “You’re a goddamn hero!” — LD
  • “Красавчик!” — unknown caster
  • “这波不亏,666” — Yuno
    “This is an acceptable result, nice”

Sound Pack 3 — Level 200

  • Sad trombone
  • Crickets
  • Drum roll
  • Headshake
  • Crybaby

Caster Pack 2 — Level 262

  • “That’s playing to win, baby!” — Kyle
  • “Боже, как это больно!”
    “My God, how it hurts!”
  • “这就是高富帅啊” — rOtk
    “What a tall, rich and handsome guy”

Caster Pack 3 — Level 308

  • “I...uh...That was...questionable at the, at the best.” — ODPixel
  • “Ой-ой-ой-ой-ой, бежать!” — unknown caster
    “Oh oh oh oh oh, run away!”
  • “葫芦娃救爷爷” — Ferrari_430
    “Throw and feed one-by-one”

Caster Pack 4 — Level 357

  • [ALL] “I can’t believe what we’re seeing! What just happened!” — ODPixel & Fogged
  • [ALL] “Это ненормально, это нечестно!” — unknown caster
    “It’s not normal, it’s not fair!”
  • [ALL] “你气不气?” — AA
    “You mad?”

Caster pack 5 — Level 392

This specific level has a lot of returning lines from last year’s caster packs.

  • “Patience from Zhou” — LD
  • “Waow” — LD
  • “They’re all dead!” — LD
  • “Brutal. Savage. Rekt.” — Redeye
  • “IT’S A DISASTAH!” — Tobiwan
  • “Боже, ты посмотри вокруг, что происходит!” — unknown caster
    “God, look around, what is happening!”
  • “Жил до конца, умер как герой” — unknown caster
    “Lived until the end, died like a hero.”
  • “Ай-ай-ай-ай-ай, что сейчас произошло!” — unknown caster
    “Ay-ay-ay-ay-ay, what just happened!”
  • “Это ГГ” — unknown caster
    “it’s GG”
  • “Это. Просто. Нечто.” — unknown caster
    “It’s. Just. Something.”
  • “玩不了啦!” — Danche
    “I can’t play!”
  • “破两路更好打,是吧?”
    “It’s easier to play with 2 lanes down, right?”
  • “天火” — Cold & Haitao
  • “加油” — rOtk
    “Cheer up!”
  • “走好 不送” — AA
    “Farewell, we won’t see you out”

Caster Pack 6 — Level 457

  • “Oh my lord!” — Tobiwan
  • “Как же это сочно, ах!” — unknown caster
    “How juicy is it, ah!”
  • “啊, 队友呢? 队友呢? 队友呢?! 队友呢?!?!” — BurNIng & rOtk
    What!? Where are the teammates? Where are the teammates? Where are the teammates!? Where are the teammates!?

Epic Caster Pack — Level 1205

All of these are from the same game, with Filipino casters Dunoo & Lon at ESL One Katowice

  • “Easiest Money of my life!”
  • “Echo Slamma Jamma!”
  • “The next level play!”
  • “Oyoy oy oy, oy, oy, oy, oy, oy!”
  • “Lakad Matataaag! Normalin, Normalin.”
    “It’s time to strut, boiiis! HIT EM HIT EM”**

*most translations from Gamepedia and compiled by /u/schwegs
**translation by Pao Bago