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What comes with The International 8’s Battle Pass?

If you’re not willing to spend more than $10 on this year’s goodies, you’re still in luck, as the base Battle Pass gives a lot to play with.


Every year, the Battle Pass brings dozens (possibly hundreds?) of cool rewards. Between chat voice lines, courier styles and a real-life Roshan statue, there are thousands of levels of cool stuff to work towards. But not everyone is up for that sort of thing. After all, this year, there are less ways to grind for Battle Points, and spending money is the other way to go.

That’s perfectly okay! You don’t need to grind to get something cool out of the Battle Pass. The level one Battle Pass has neat stuff, plus the reassurance that $2.49 or so of your purchase goes towards TI8’s massive prize pool. At a mere $9.99, you can get quite a few cool gifts that are worth more than the asking price on their own: a courier, wards, music pack, loot boxes and more.

If you’re considering picking up the Battle Pass, or just need a refresher on what you’ve already picked up, here’s what you get with the $9.99 base Battle Pass.

The International 8 Compendium

The origin and staple centerpiece of the Battle Pass, the TI Compendium is your most in-depth look at the annual video game competition. The Compendium is what started it all at TI3 eight years ago, and Valve has brought it back for another go.

When TI8 kicks in, it’ll have more in-depth information about the tournament, including talent, full team information, current bracket and more. Plus, there’ll be opportunities to engage, such as predictions and “fantasy” cards. And, for those looking out for the annual match, it appears the All-Star match will return, hopefully with the voting and all the match entails.

In short, this is an essential little tool for Dota 2 esports fans.

Exclusive custom games

If the classic Dota 2 game modes are grinding your gears, try freshening it up a bit with this year’s Battle Pass customs.

Mutation Mode is the first of the two, available right now to play. Every 24 hours, Valve unveils three “modifiers” — and unleashes three unique and wild gameplay traits into the world. Flipping the map? Reducing damage while standing still? Rune affecting you entire team? Why not all three at once?

Coming soon is The Underhollow, which, frankly, sounds like a Battle Royale game mode to us. We’ll just leave it at that.

Ranked Match Team Challenge Token

Are you absolutely sure you’re in a lower ranking than you are? Super sure? With the purchase of a Battle Pass, you get one token to try your luck in a higher MMR bracket, if you queue with a full stack of players. If you win, your entire team gets a massive MMR boost and a few battle points, making the victory even sweeter. But obviously, beware, because higher ranks do bring tougher challenges.

TI8 Player Card Pack (5)

When the qualifier dust settles and all the players are ready to go, Valve will drop the Player Cards, which serve a few purposes. Mainly, you can play along at TI8 with a “fantasy team,” earning you Battle Points depending on your success. Will you beat out your friends’ teams? Or do you just want five Matumbamans? Up to you.

If you collect all five of a team, Valve will also give you “Favorite Team” bonuses. This year, they’ll give you a “team spray,” which you can plant on trees in-game, as well as the usual Teleport effects, Effigy Flags and more.

Arcana Voting

Are you super eager to get your favorite hero a new Arcana cosmetic? Now, for another year, you can campaign and put the vote in! Last year, Pudge won by literally thousands of votes; this year, it’ll surely be another fierce battle.

You get sixteen votes at level one, then sixteen more respectively at levels nine and 28.

Immortal Treasure 1, 2 and 3

Dota 2 | Valve

[At level 1, you receive one of each.]

A staple in the most recent Battle Passes and Compendiums, Immortal Treasures offer neat, gorgeous and frankly super extravagant cosmetics that are exclusive to The International. Each typically comes with several common sets, which you won’t receive duplicates of until you get all of them, followed by several luck-based “rares.”

At the time of writing, only Immortal Treasure 1 has been released, though the other two will hopefully come with time.

TI8 Music Pack

Every year since TI3, a different music pack has been bundled in with the Compendiums and Battle Passes to give your games a different audio vibe. Now, TI4’s composer returns with this dramatic soundtrack. It mixes guitars with piano and even haunting vocals for an almost superhero-like vibe; it’s a great package if you’re listening for change.

TI8 Cursor Pack

Dota 2 | Valve

It’s just a cursor. Nothing too dramatic. It’s pretty cool, though, if you really want to lean into the “cavern” aesthetic this year.

Eimer Hillburrow Courier


It’s not an underground cavern theme without a moleman, and Eimer “Tubs” Hillburrow fills that role. He rides a little cart around the map, transporting your items in all circumstances like any good courier (or trader, according to his lore). It’s a great addition to any support’s arsenal.

The basic style comes at level 1, but there are additional style unlocks at levels 40, 116, 198, 302, 516 and 1058.

Trailgazer Ward Set


Snails are cool. Snail wards are even cooler. With their googly eyes, these snails, sitting atop a mushroom and adorned with gems, will keep an eye out wherever you need them to.

Taunt: Cold Breakfast

If you’re a frequent Phoenix player — which isn’t a stretch in pubs right now — you’re going to love the first of its two taunts this Battle Pass. In it, Phoenix does a cute little flip, unleashing an egg into the world. Since it’s a cold breakfast (think hard boiled eggs), the egg stays intact, leaving a pretty visible present for your enemies. If you upgrade to the “Order Up” taunt at Level 367, though, you get a sunny-side surprise.

Pro Circuit Predictions

If you’re savvy to esports, this is your chance to be rewarded. This was introduced right before the final few Dota Pro Circuit events, and while the last Major is taking place at the time of writing, this was a pilot of a neat feature. With 25 tokens per week, independent of any other Tokens or Points you own, you can take a guess at which teams will succeed in the Pro Circuit. Winning predictions give a nice bundle of Battle Points.

Right now the system is a little messed up; it appears to be manual, so opening and closing times for different matches are sporadic. But with enough feedback, we hope this feature can be improved in the future.