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The International 8 South American Qualifiers: Schedule, teams and format

The small but passionate region gets another year with a slot at The International. Which Dota 2 team will forge the path to Vancouver?

Hey! ¡Hola! Oy! We’re keeping tabs on all of TI8’s regional qualifier schedules. This one’s for South America, smaller in team numbers, but equally powerful and passionate — you can check out all the schedules and news on our hub.

The International 8 is upon us, and it’s time for the first step in the road to Vancouver. With eight teams already qualified, ten more need to prove themselves as worthy of the Aegis of Champions this August. Thousands of teams have played through their respective regional Open Qualifiers, and few have earned spots in their region’s Main Qualifier. Now, the best that have kept their rosters take on a mix of go-getting hopefuls and regional stars that may have mixed their roster (or are playing for fun).

In South America, the competition is smaller, with only six teams in the running — all from Open Qualifiers. However, that doesn’t make them any less passionate! Dota Pro Circuit followers may recognize SG, Infamous and Pain, but each have new rosters. Most interesting, two teams have imported talent to bring up the heat in the region; Pain Gaming has European star w33ha, and SG has taken North American veterans FLee and Stan King.

Will these expats be effective, or will local talent steal the show? If you want to keep up, we’ve got everything you need right here.


Note: All are from the Open Qualifiers.

  • Infamous
  • Midas Club
  • PaiN Gaming
  • SG e-sports
  • Thunder Predator
  • Torus Gaming



EVENT FORMAT: This event will have one all-team group stage, followed by a double-elimination bracket.

  1. In the group stage, all teams play each other in a best-of-one round-robin.
  2. The top four teams advance; the bottom two are eliminated.
  3. Remaining teams will face off in a double-elimination bracket. All rounds are best-of-three.
  4. The winner will qualify for TI8.

COVERAGE: BeyondTheSummit is providing the most extensive coverage of TI8 Qualifiers. However, there may be other streamers on sites such as Twitch that are casting, due to Valve’s extremely permissive rules on casting official events.


Note: Group stages, including updated results, have been moved below Playoffs for ease of access. Spoilers below.

Times are approximate and are subject to change as games run longer or shorter. Local time (Brazilian Standard) and Eastern Time (NYC) are listed.

Need to convert to your local time? Click here for a handy time zone converter.




Thursday, June 21 — Playoffs Day 1

  • 1:00 PM MSK (12:00 PM ET) — Semi-finals Match 1
    Group Stage Seed 1 vs 4
  • 4:00 PM MSK (3:00 PM ET) — Semi-finals Match 2
    Group Stage Seed 2 vs 3
  • 7:00 PM MSK (6:00 PM ET) — Upper Bracket Finals
    Semi-final winners meet here

Friday, June 22 — Playoffs Day 2

  • 1:00 PM MSK (12:00 PM ET) — Lower Bracket Semis
    Semi-final losers meet here
  • 4:00 PM MSK (3:00 PM ET) — Lower Bracket Finals
    Lower Bracket Semis Winner vs Upper Bracket Finals Loser
  • 7:00 PM MSK (6:00 PM ET) — Upper Bracket Finals [Bo5]
    Upper Bracket vs Lower Bracket Winners
    [Winner qualifies for TI8]




Monday, June 18 — Group Stages Day 1

  • 2:00 PM BRT (1:00 PM ET)
    Pain vs Torus
  • 3:00 PM BRT (2:00 PM ET)
    Infamous vs Midas
  • 4:00 PM BRT (3:00 PM ET)
    SG vs Pain
  • 5:00 PM BRT (4:00 PM ET)
    Thunder vs Infamous
  • 6:45 PM BRT (5:45 PM ET)
    Torus vs Midas
  • 7:45 PM BRT (6:45 PM ET)
    Thunder vs Pain
  • 8:45 PM BRT (7:45 PM ET)
    SG vs Torus
  • 9:45 PM BRT (8:45 PM ET)
    SG vs Thunder

Tuesday, June 19 — Group Stages Day 2

  • 1:00 PM BRT (12:00 PM ET)
    Infamous vs Pain
  • 2:00 PM BRT (1:00 PM ET)
    Midas vs SG

Wednesday, June 20 — Group Stages Day 3*

  • 3:00 PM BRT (2:00 PM ET)
    Thunder vs Torus
  • 4:00 PM BRT (3:00 PM ET)
    Midas vs Pain
  • 5:00 PM BRT (4:00 PM ET)
    Infamous vs SG
  • 6:00 PM BRT (5:00 PM ET)
    Thunder vs Midas
  • 7:00 PM BRT (6:00 PM ET)
    Torus vs Infamous

*Server concerns caused a shift of remaining Day 2 matches to a third day.