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Game coordinator issues force rescheduling of TI8 North American qualifiers

Due to server-side issues in the Dota 2 qualifiers, open qualifier organizers Faceit pushed back the NA division one day.

Dota 2 Blog | Valve

The North American qualifiers will be pushed back a day after the Dota 2 game coordinator went down, according to a statement from Faceit. Originally specified to take place on June 14th, the tournament will now take place from the 15th.

Since all Dota 2 tournament matches take place on dedicated servers, even custom lobbies rely on Valve’s servers to run. Combined with Faceit’s bots, which automatically create, enter and track lobbies to smooth out the process, a downed server spells disaster.

While many brackets did run normally, enough teams were booted from the servers to warrant the remake.

Faceit “Mikey” shared a statement on Reddit about the situation:

The new Dota2 patch that was just released took down the GC which was unstable in the following 2 hours and it broke our system mid-open qualifiers... (Reporting wrong AFK’s especially).

The deployment of the update created downtime for the GC, which caused miscommunications between the game coordinator and our bots.We didn’t expect this patch and any destabilization of GC could endanger the entire open qualifiers and its exactly what happened as Round 1 matches had wrong reports and players couldn’t join the games OR the system was tagging wrong people AFK/Leavers as GC connection was down.

Since a lot of teams suffered in 1st round because of this and lost their opportunity to play, we decided to move the NA open qualifiers for tomorrow where everyone will be able to signup again and play again from the 1st round. Sorry for the situation everyone, but this was completely out of our control :/.

A new sign-up link was posted to allow players to sign up once again.