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You can now play Underhollow, the Dota 2 battle royale mode exclusive to Battle Pass holders

Valve finally succumbs to the fad with this 24-person, player-versus-player game mode.

Dota 2 | Valve

Dota 2 isn’t safe from the battle royale fad, as Valve has finally opened up its own take on the mode, The Underhollow. This mode combines elements from its original MOBA and the battle royale genre for a new, unique experience.

In this mode, 24 people duke it out to either be the last one standing or the last one with the Roshefort, Roshan’s finest cheese. Players choose any hero on the Dota roster and join a team of three in order to move through the depths of the Underhollow.

Along the way, you move through different rooms and meet different threats — not just other players, but also different waves of NPC enemies and even environmental threats. Much like the classic Dota 2 game, defeated enemies level up your hero, making you more powerful as you move towards the center of the map and closer to more terrifying obstacles.

While the entertainment is its own reward, there are prizes for doing well in Underhollow. You get a few Battle Points if you manage to make it through at least some number of rooms: up to 2000 per week. If you’re a high enough Battle Pass level, you can even get a Point Multiplier that brings up how much you get per game. (We aren’t sure if there are cosmetic prizes for winning.)

It’s a hectic but fun twist on the popular gaming fad. It’s included in the Battle Pass, which costs $9.99 and comes with plenty of other goodies as well.