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GDPR changes open up trove of Dota 2 information, including reports

Thanks to a new GDPR-compliant feature, now you can see how many times you’ve been reported, gone to a Pubstomp or played in Battle Cup

Dota 2 | Valve

How many times have you been reported? Commended? Entered a match at all? You’re able to find that all now.

Players have found a Personal Game Data page that includes practically everything you need to know about yourself, which, of course, is what Valve wants to know about you, too. The reveal happened a few weeks ago, before the GDPR went into effect, likely in order to allow you to see what Valve is keeping track of.

In case you didn‘t have a slew of emails that gave you the gist, the GDPR itself requires more transparency in how websites track and use your data. This means practically ever site on the Internet, which are typically more suited to the United States’s extremely lenient policies (or lack thereof) ended updating their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, Valve included.

There are a lot of cool statistics you can dig up now — including many you didn’t even know they were keeping. There are details on your Battle Cup, Compendium actions and whether or not you were a Beta player, and much, much more. Ever attend a Pubstomp? Valve remembers.

Many of the statistics are a bit confusing. The “Match History,” for instance, includes custom games as well as typical matches, and reports also include commends. But once you wade through, there’s a trove of creepily detailed information waiting for you.

The good news is, you’re the only one that can see this all, so whether you want to brag or keep it to yourself is up to you. And if you’re a Counter-Strike: Global Offense or Team Fortress 2 player, you can do this too.

To find your data:

  • Log into your Steam account
  • Go to your Games tab
  • Go to Dota (or any other Valve game) and click “Personal Game Data”
  • You’re there! Use “Category” then “Subcategory” to explore.

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