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Composer of TI8 Battle Pass music pack shares behind-the-scenes video

Chance Thomas takes some time to talk about putting together this year’s edition of an annual Compendium tradition

Screenshot from HUGEsound Records YouTube Channel

For a few years, The International’s Battle Passes and Compendiums have included a brand-new music pack to enjoy in all parts of the game client. TI8’s is certainly one of the more cinematic ones, with driving guitars and loud drums akin to today’s popular superhero or action movies. And while some custom music pack composers often take the time to show their progress, this year’s composer, Chance Thomas, went the extra mile with a behind-the-scenes look on his YouTube channel.

Thomas’s work should be familiar to long-time Dota 2 fans, as he was responsible for the 2014 Compendium music pack as well. Even older fans may recognize his work, as he lists a Warcraft III trailer within his resumé. This year, in addition to having composed the pack, Thomas uploaded not only the main themes of the pack to YouTube, but he also shared a video outlining his goals for and personal highlights of the TI8 pack.

The four-minute video features some of his work station as he gives a small demo of his keyboard, featuring one of the melodies of a track. He also introduces two of his collaborators, the lead guitarist and and vocalist, and they talk about some of the fun, history and challenge behind recording the TI8 Battle Pass music pack.

Music enthusiasts are certain to enjoy this brief look into an annual tradition.

You can watch the YouTube video below, and the rest of the music pack is available to listen to on the channel as well.