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Immortal Treasure I: A look at the TI8 Battle pass’s first Immortals

The International 8 has some extremely promising cosmetics already for dedicated Dota 2 fans.

Dota 2 | Valve

For item-lovers and hero spammers alike, the Battle Pass is an early Christmas, as it drops event-exclusive cosmetics for a wide number of heroes. While all are coveted, the most common is the first set to be released, Immortal Treasure I.

Immortal Treasure I the first to be earned by all Battle Pass owners, as it’s available regularly at pretty low levels. For this year’s Battle Pass, you can earn it at level 1, followed by levels 10, 22, 34, 46 and 80; from there, you get another every 30 levels, meaning there’s no shortage of chances to get what you want.

And while it may be the most common, it’s certainly nothing to hide away in your inventory. For this one, they’ve released six common items, plus four more of increasing rarity — and they’re all pretty nice.

Whether you’ve already gotten quite a few or are eager to open them up, you can feast your eyes on the items and their in-game ability effects below.

Normal Drops

These items are guaranteed drops. No matter what, you will get one of these, and there will be no duplicates until you’ve earned all of them.

Ancient Apparition — Shatterblast Core

Ancient Apparition’s Shatterblast Core
Dota 2 | Valve

Finally to (kind of) match his TI5 immortal, the Shatterblast Core is a cool, dark body item that’ll be sure to capture someone’s attention. And if they aren’t appreciating it, you can force them too with an Ice Vortex effect that’ll literally freeze them in their tracks. And also figuratively, really. On the other hand, if they see your awesome icicles on your back, somebody’s doomed anyway. (May or may not be AA.)

Riki - Edict of Shadows

Riki’s Edict of Shadows
Dota 2 | Valve

If you weren’t irritating enough as Riki, why not up your game? Edict of Shadows actually looks pretty cool, but what’ll get your enemies is the massive face of your own character popping up when you use Smoke Screen. And with a 55% winrate on Riki right now, can you really go wrong trying to pick this one up?

Spirit Breaker — Savage Mettle

Spirit Breaker’s Savage Mettle

If you want that 17% to really hurt, then the Savage Mettle is for you. It’s a weapon for Spirit Breaker that adds an appropriately-named, savage red-and-black effect to your Greater Bashes, meaning your enemies will absolutely know when that charge and ult hit. While the red doesn’t really match Spirit Breaker’s default colors as-is, thankfully it’s subtle enough not to overpower his flaming head.

Terrorblade — Span of Sorrow

Terrorblade’s Span of Sorrow
Dota 2 | Valve

As if Terrorblade’s Arcana wings weren’t sick enough, this one may replace it for a short time. (Or not.) It adds an effect to Sunder, and is actually compatible with any gems you may have — and Sunder’s effect changes color accordingly. So if you really want a pink Sunder, by all means, go for it.

Underlord — Emerald Conquest

Underlord’s Emerald Conquest
Dota 2 | Valve

The Emerald Conquest is an emerald-shaded weapon ceratinly fit for an Abyssal Underlord. It has the geometric gold trims reminiscent of gems, and even has an effect for Pit of Malice to match. The effect adds the geometric flair and a few golden geodes to match, so your enemies know exactly whose pit they’re stuck in.

Vengeful Spirit — Mournful Reverie

Vengeful Spirit’s Mournful Reverie
Dota 2 | Valve

Vengeful Spirit is already edgy by her own right, and you can rock that dark backstory with style. The Mournful Reverie is a gorgeous pair of wings that gives her a gem on her chest, an extra dark glow about her and a magic missile to match. As a neat final touch, upon impact, the missile explodes into a dark bout of feathers. Your enemies will feel the doom and gloom of your fallen status.

Non-common drops

While any of the prior items can and will drop, there’s also a small chance you’ll get one of the following as well. These are marked in order of rareness, but mileage may vary. After all, they’re still luck boxes.

RARE: Lich — Glare of the Tyrant

Lich’s Glare of the Tyrant
Dota 2 | Valve

This hand item for Lich looks pretty hardcore on its own. After all, an angry yet jubilant dead king’s head is always a great accessory when you’re trying to look cool for battle. But the effects are the icing on the cake: a dark blue glow emits from the head as it glides from enemy to enemy, with dramatic explosions of ice shards adding to the effect of pain. Here’s hoping you’re not on the other side of it.

VERY RARE: Riki — Golden Edict of Shadows

Dota 2 | Valve

Those dark, glowy, particle-shrouded horns not doing it for you? Distinguish yourself from the filthy common versions with this gold edition of the Riki Immortal. They have more of a “sheen” effect, and, like the original version, affect your abilities as well.

And yes, you get a gold version of the fog effect as well. Sick.

ULTRA RARE: Phantom Assassin — Codicil of the Veiled Ones

Phantom Assassin’s Codicil of the Veiled Ones
Dota 2 | Valve

Phantom Assassin is rad enough as it is, between her design and animation, but Codicil of the Veiled Ones ups that to another level. With a gorgeous tail to her helmet, you’ll be sneaking through the maps in stile. And your enemies see your Stifling Dagger anyway, so why not piss them off more with a golden glowing dagger? It’s a great way to make a fashionable entrance.

COSMICALLY RARE: Emblem of the Crystal Echelon

Emblem of the Crystal Echelon Effect

No, it’s not actually Lion item. In fact, it’s a non-hero-specific item, apparently equippable with anyone you’re feeling like playing as that day. It glows as you move around and gives you a neat walking trail, so you can feel like TI8 royalty even if you’re not there. It also seems to give you a custom Aegis of Champions, meaning the little hover-over replica in the fountain shop, so you can gloat to your friends over your awesome “cosmically rare” feat.