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TI8 Battle Pass guide: How to level up and earn Battle Points

You either gotta play Dota well or spend a lot of cash

Dota 2 | Valve

Another year’s Battle Pass brings another year of really neat, exclusive goodies ready to be earned. The issue becomes apparent as soon as you pick up the guide, though: how do I reach these rewards? Leveling, of course! Each level brings you one step closer to a new goody, meaning you’re going to have to do some work to get there.

Here are the different ways you can climb that level ladder and get what you want out of the Battle Pass.

Complete the Cavern Crawl

Replacing the typical missions, which have been moved into the Dota Plus subscription service, Cavern Crawl encourages you to try new heroes in order to progress. They advertise exclusive items, but just as important are the Battle Points hidden throughout the map.

It appears that you can reveal the locations of these Battle Points, given in stacks of 350 and 2000, by simply making your way through this maze of challenges. So it may be worth wandering into new territory if you’re looking to level up.

Dota 2 | Valve

Predict Pro Circuit matches

There are still a few Pro Circuit events left, and Valve is hoping you’re going to tune in. More specifically, they’re hoping you make a few predictions about who’s going to come out on top.

It’s not always easy: For instance, while Virtus Pro and Team Liquid have both already guaranteed spots at The International, the former hasn’t done too well recently, and Liquid hasn’t won a Major yet. So whether you gotta use stats, or just your gut feeling, it might be worth a shot — anything can happen.

Wager on your own matches

If you’re absolutely sure it’s in the bag, then make good use of that confidence with Tokens. At the beginning of each week, you’re given 1000 Tokens to wager with; when a game starts, if you’re sure you’ll achieve victory, throw a few Tokens in the prompt provided.

A few times a week, you’re given Tribute Tokens, which allow allies to earn Tokens as well if your team wins.

It doesn’t cost actual Battle Points to go ahead and try this, though higher levels will give you more Tribute Tokens. Plus, it refreshes each week, so there’s no harm dumping a pile into a game before the timer runs out.

Get tipped for a good game

If your teammates are truly outstanding, you can give them a small reward in the form of Battle Points. At the end of a game, you’re given an option to put in a small reward of Battle Points — and you yourself are up for that vote as well. Do your best and maybe you’ll earn a small reward!

For tippers: Keep in mind that you can only tip three players per match, and ten per week. At the beginning, you’re only giving 25 per tip, but with higher levels, you can hand out 50 or 100 BP.

Unlock Achievements

Much like Steam or game consoles’ systems, Achievements are unlocked when you do a certain task, such as winning one of the new Battle Pass games or guessing Pro Circuit winners. With each Achievement comes a small Battle Points tip.

However, along with the basic achievement, you can unlock a higher one that gives even more Battle Points. If you vote in the Arcana face-off, you’ll get 100 points, but if you do so 10 out of the 12 available weeks, you’ll earn another 1000. It’s a pretty easy way to victory, with a little perseverance (and gambling power, in a few cases).

Dump your wallet

Of course, there’s also the way that Valve likely intended: using a good, old-fashioned credit card or PayPal account. You’re able to unlock levels by simply buying them at different increments.

Your level-buying options are:

  • 24 levels for $9.99
  • 11 levels for $4.99
  • 5 levels for $2.49

Yes, it’s definitely more of a value to get higher increments. The 24-level pack comes at about 41.625 cents per level, while the 5-level pack is approximately 50 cents per. If you buy 100 levels using 5-level increments only, you’ll be spending $9.84 more than if you got 96 levels with the 24-level increments. It’s not huge, but it adds up if you’re a big buyer.

Unfortunately, if you’re aiming for something like the Roshan statue or Southeast Asian caster voice lines — the latter of which is found at level 1205 — this may be your best route.