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Newbee’s Sccc finally shares his scent secrets with Scccuh perfume

Riding on the popularity of Dota 2 esports memes, this eau de toilette sold out in half an hour

A screencap of “Sccuh Blue” from the MDL Major commercial.
Newbee via Weibo

As if Dota 2 fans didn’t have enough to love about Song “Sccc” Chun, now they can also love his... scent?

A piece of comedy content has taken the next step, as Newbee put up for sale an actual perfume named for their celebrity player Sccc. Called “Scccuh,” it’s a fragrance based off of a gag commercial from the PGL Major several months ago. Newbee players put the spray all over their face, while a voiceover narrated sultry jokes lines about each player, commercial-style.

Because everyone loves Sccc memes, Newbee decided to elevate the joke by selling an actual perfume — or two, really, “Blue” for men and “Pink” for women. It had a limited run at the MDL Changsha Major and online, at the price of ¥119 for one or ¥120 for both (that’s about $19 and $32 USD, respectively).

And just like the PGL commercial, it boasted the tag: “For The New You.”

Of course, with the player’s popularity and the love of a good meme, Newbee declared it sold out within half an hour in the replies to their original Weibo post. It looks like they’re going for a re-run, though, so all hope is not yet lost if you’re looking to be cool as Kaka or oogie just like Moogie.