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Here are all of the modifications in the Battle Pass Mutation Mode so far

We’re keeping track of all the Dota 2 custom game mode’s mix-ups we’ve seen seen so far.

Dota 2 | Valve

This year, two non-traditional game modes were introduced into The International 8’s Battle Pass, with Mutation Mode being the first of two. It adds not just one twist, but three to every game of Dota 2, with anything from global Ruptures to a bag of gold dropped upon death, claimable by friend or foe.

There are a lot of pretty cool modifiers so far. If you want to know what to expect, or what you’ve missed, we’re keeping track of each modifier that’s appeared thus far.

Here are the modifiers seen in Mutation Mode and their official descriptions:

  • Death Explosion — Whenever a hero is killed, they do damage in a radius around them.
  • Death Gold Drop — Whenever a hero is killed, they drop a gold sack.
  • Fast Runes — Runes spawn every 30 seconds.
  • Friendly Fire — All spells and abilities also target and affect teammates.
  • Jump Start — All heroes start at level 6.
  • Killstreak Power — For every hero you kill, you do 20% more damage and take 20% more damage. Resets on death.
  • Map Flip — Radiant is Dire. Dire is Radiant. [This literally flips the map.]
  • Periodic Spellcast — Every minute, a random spell will be cast on everyone.
  • Pocket Tower — All heroes start with a consumable that will spawn a tower.
  • Random Lane Creeps — Lane creeps have been invaded by random neutrals.
  • Shared Damage — All damage is split and shared among allied heroes within 400 units.
  • Stationary Damage Reduction — When standing still, all damage is reduced by 50%.
  • Super Blink — All players have a Blink Dagger that is not disabled on damage.
  • Super Runes — Runes are unusually effective.
  • Teammate Resurrection — Players can resurrect teammates by clicking on their tombstone and channeling.
  • Team Runes — Whenever a rune is activated, it affects everyone on the team.
  • Tree Cutter — All heroes destroy trees in a radius around themselves, but they grow back very quickly.

[Last updated June 5th 2018, 12:20 PM ET]

If you missed one, no worries — the mutations rotate every day at 8PM ET. And given there are 85 days in the Battle Pass, while you may never see the same three alterations together, you’ll definitely see your favorite rotate back in eventually.