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Dota Pro Circuit predictions for the Battle Pass now available

You can root for your favorite team or just make smart choices and earn Battle Points in the process, starting with this week’s MDL Changsha Major

Dota 2 | Valve

This is for the now-outdated Dota Pro Circuit predictions.

Here for predictions for The International 8? We have your guide for that on The Flying Courier.

Dota 2 Battle Pass owners that are truly invested in the competitive side of the game now have another reason to follow the upcoming final Majors, as Valve has opened predictions for the MDL Changsha Major. It appears this feature will be available during the final three Majors of the Dota Pro Circuit season: MDL Changsha, ESL One Birmingham, and the Perfect World Super Major.

Typically, the Battle Pass only has predictions for the crown jewel, The International. However, with Valve officially sponsoring these events, they can finally open the doors to more prediction opportunities.

If you own a Battle Pass and want to get in on the action, you can do so easily even if you don’t have the Dota 2 client on you, for whatever reason. You just access the Predictions page at a very easy-to-remember address from any browser:

This site makes it possible to make predictions on-the-go, even on your smartphone. So if you forget, or your computer is just having a bad day, it’s pretty easy to try to get some Battle Points. Just make sure you do it before each stage starts.

When you open up the predictions, they will show upcoming matches that you can bet on. For each match, just click on the team you think will win and put down some tokens. According to the site, each token placed on a successful prediction rewards 40 Battle Points (or 20 for a tie). You can also earn Battle Points through Achievements for certain numbers of correct matches predicted.

And don’t be shy — you get new tokens every once in a while, with the refresh date shown on the Predictions page.

UPDATE: We’ve updated the article to reflect how the process works and rewards given.