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Dota 2’s new patch 7.15 brings changes in map, Captain’s Mode and more

This week’s focus is on gameplay, and there are a lot of major changes; plus, we’re noticing a pattern emerging

Yuko Osada for Valve

After two more long weeks, the Dota 2 balancing team returns to bring us yet another gameplay balance patch. There are absolutely changes you need to keep in mind next time you pick up a game, affecting everyone who plays, so we’ll dive right in.

Major changes

The Bounty Rune saw some pretty heavy changes this week. Bounty Rune spawns have slowed down from every 2 minutes to every 5 minutes, but everyone gets a slice. In addition, it fills empty bottles the same way any other rune would. So now it’s a pretty valuable pick-up, and there are certainly going to be fights over it in your upcoming matches.

Roshan is a little bit stronger now, with damage, HP regeneration and base health kicking up. We’ve seen some pretty fast Roshan wipes competitively, and this should bring the pace down — and make entering the Rosh Pit a little more drastic of a choice.

Denying a Tower entirely removes the bounty for the offensive team. Before it was a small sum per player, but now there’s more motivation to ensure the other team doesn’t pick up the full bounty.

Captain’s Mode saw its first changes since The International this past year. For one, each round has an extra five seconds tacked on, bringing the timer up from 30 to 35 seconds per pick. They’ve also flipped the order of the second ban, from 2nd/1st/2nd/1st to 1st/2nd/1st/2nd.

In addition, there are changes to the lane creeps, Observer Wards and the map itself, so be sure to read up below if you plan on playing yourself or following the competitive scene! It’s not a huge patch length-wise, but its impact will instantly be felt.

Patterned patch

There’s also a pattern emerging from these patches. It appears that the focus of each patch is alternating, with even patches altering heroes and items pretty drastically, and odd patches affecting everything around them — maps, runes, gold and such. This means that you won’t need to worry about memorizing every single hero every two weeks.

Full patch notes

Bounty Runes

  • Bounty Runes now spawn every 5 minutes
  • Bounty Runes now grants gold to each player (40 + 3/min)
  • Bounty Runes now fully fills bottles


Bottles heal rate increased from 80/40 HP/MP to 100/50

Lane Creeps

  • Melee Creeps base gold bounty reduced by 2
  • Range Creeps base gold bounty reduced by 1
  • Range Creeps gold bounty increase per upgrade changed from 1 to 3 (With these changes, the total gold difference on the map at 40 minutes is 2052 less gold)
  • Melee Barracks team bounty reduced from 225 to 175


  • Ground Courier bounty reduced from 175 to 125 (Flying Courier is still 175)


  • Tower denies now remove all gold instead of just half (previously it gave 50/60/70/80 for tier 1/2/3/4 denies)

Hero attributes

  • Agility heroes base strength increased by 1
  • Intelligence heroes base intelligence reduced by 2, except for bane (base damage adjusted to remain the same)

In the mighty jungle

  • Neutral camp stack bounty increased from 20% to 25%
  • Ancient HP regen increased from 8 to 12


  • Observer Wards restock cooldown reduced from 150 to 135
  • Observer Wards cost reduced from 80 to 75

Enchanted Mango

  • Enchanted Mango HP regen reduced from 0.7 to 0.6


  • Roshan Slam damage growth increased from 8 per minute to 10
  • Roshan base damage increased from 65 to 75
  • Roshan base health increased from 5500 to 6000

Map Changes

  • Removed a tree to the bottom right of the dire mid lane, near the map ledge
  • Minor adjustments to the position of the powerup runes
  • Reduced spawn box sizes for a few of Dire neutral spawns
  • Removed a tree to the right of the bottom Radiant bounty rune
  • Moved the bottom Dire T1 tower slightly down
  • Moved the bottom Dire bounty rune slightly to the right
  • Moved the bottom Dire shrine location slightly down
  • Moved the top Dire T1 slightly to the right
  • Slight adjustments to the line of sight and trees to the left of the mid Dire T1
  • Ranged creeps now always spawn behind the melee creeps

Captain’s Mode

  • Captains Mode round time increased from 30 to 35
  • Captains Mode second ban phase order changed from 2nd/1st/2nd/1st to 1st/2nd/1st/2nd