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Dota 2’s Battle Pass brings Mutation Mode, like Dota except more broken

The new custom game mode, exclusively for Battle Pass owners, rotates in new game-wide modifiers every few hours

Dota 2 | Valve

The Dota 2 Battle Pass’s custom game modes are sounding a little more goofy this year. The first one to be released by Valve is just like any game of Dota 2, except with 24-hour rotating modifiers thrown in to spice it up. In other words, if Dota 2 didn’t have enough bogus abilities, wait until you see what this mode introduces.

So far, the game mode has brought in some pretty hilarious modifiers. If you thought runes were already strong, wait until you see an enemy coming at you with a quadruple-powered Haste Rune. There’s nothing quite like a few Ancient creeps stomping down the lane, regardless of which side of the Ancient you’re on. And sometimes, a simple teammate resurrection is juicy enough.

And if you want to know what sort of silly situations the modifiers will get you into, we’re keeping track of those.

Given it’s been less than three days, we’re likely to see more unique modifiers coming (and we’ll update here if that’s the case). If you’re a fan of certain modifiers, expect them to rotate back in eventually.

Each rotation of modifiers resets at 8:00 PM ET, so if you see a mix of modifiers that piques your interest, try to get them in before the rotation.

And if this game mode has already gotten on your nerves, you can always wait for the Battle Royale mode, The Underhollow, later this season.