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Patch 7.13 declares how to yell at your teammates about Roshan’s bounty

Plus, everyone gets every attribute perk, and there are some major map gameplay changes

Dota 2 | Valve

We’ve seen each patch come and go with a different spice of change. In 7.11, we saw the first tweaks to the buyback formula in years, and just two weeks ago, sweeping hero and item alterations took the stage. This week, the changes run a little deeper, into heroes’ formulas and the map we play on.

The most important takeaway is that attribute bonuses are given in bonus amounts to said heroes. For Strength heroes, that was a bit extra status resistance per point, except now that’s been changed to magic resistance instead. To prevent early-game ganks better, Intelligence heroes had some extra magic resistance, but that’s been removed entirely to rebalance the perks. And meanwhile, Agility still grants movement speed.

Now, these perk increases per attribute point apply to all heroes. A Strength item on an Agility hero will make them feel a little beefier for real, and Butterfly and Manta Style on Crystal Maiden will make her map movement seem a little off-putting for a while. But that also means Anti-Mage will hit really, really fast late-game, and tanks are gonna be giant blocks of meat even more difficult to topple.

The map got quite a few changes as well. All buildings on the map got tweaked in some manner, making them all a lot more obnoxious to pursue. The ones you need to know are that Shrines regen and have more HP, and all Tower gold bounties are reduced. And as if your objectives couldn’t be any more obnoxious, Ranged Barracks dish less gold, and Melee ones have higher HP — and on top of that, Glyph’s duration is up by one second. In other words, you really need to be ready to push for the finish.

In addition, if you feel like you’re waiting a little more (or less) to get onto the field, that’s due to some respawn timer changes from levels 12 to max. In earlier levels, you’ll see yourself waiting six seconds less from levels 13 to 18, but five seconds more at level 24. It all evens out when you hit 25, as it remains 100 seconds.

And, after extremely mild but heated discussions among friend groups, we now know the “Aegis” is pronounced “ayy jis.” One in the trophy case for the only correct “gif” pronunciation team.

If you want to take a peek at everything that’s been changed (which, for the record, does not include Techies in Captain’s Draft), we’ve thrown together the patch notes below.

Gameplay & Map

  • Aegis now has an alt tooltip that explains how to pronounce the item


  • Tier 1 Tower Team Bounty reduced from 120 to 100
  • Tier 2 Tower Team Bounty reduced from 200 to 120
  • Tier 3 Tower Team Bounty reduced from 200 to 140
  • Tier 4 Tower Team Bounty reduced from 200 to 160

Map Perks

  • Range barracks team bounty reduced from 150 to 100
  • Melee Barracks HP increased from 1500 to 1800
  • Filler buildings gold bounty from 125 to 75
  • Ranged creep average gold bounty reduced from 57 to 54
  • Glyph duration increased from 5 to 6
  • Shrines:
    HP increased from 1500 to 1750
    Now have 5 HP regen

Respawn Times

  • Rescaled Level 12->25 respawn time curve to be slightly less early and the same later on

By Level:

12 — 44 seconds (was 48)
13 — 46 seconds (was 52)
14 — 48 seconds (was 54)
15 — 50 seconds (was 56)
16 — 52 seconds (was 58)
17 — 54 seconds (was 60)
18 — 65 seconds (was 70)
19 — 70 seconds (was 74)
20 — 75 seconds (was 76)
21 — 80 seconds (was 78)
22 — 85 seconds (was 82)
23 — 90 seconds (was 86)
24 — 95 seconds (was 90)
25 — 100 seconds (was 100)

Attribute Bonuses

  • Removed hero class specific perks, the bonuses now affect all classes.
  • Removed Status Resistance as a Strength based attribute bonus
  • Rebalanced str/int/agi bonuses below (they still provide +1 bonus damage to primary attribute holders)
  • Primary Attribute now provides +25% more benefit to the bonuses it provides



  • 18 Health (+25% for str heroes: 22.5)
  • 0.55% HP Regen (+25% for str heroes: 0.68%)
  • +0.08% Magic Resistance (+25% for str heroes: 0.1%)

20 Health
0.71% HP Regen
0.15% Status Resistance



  • 0.16 Armor (+25% for agi heroes: 0.2)
  • 1 Attack Speed (+25% for agi: 1.25)
  • 0.05% Movement Speed (+25% for agi: 0.062%)

0.17 Armor
1 Attack Speed
0.06% Movement Speed



  • 12 Mana (+25% for int heroes: 15)
  • 1.8% Mana Regen (+25% for int heroes: 2.25)
  • 0.07% Spell Amplication (+25% for int heroes: 0.087%)

12 Mana
2% Mana Regen
0.07% Spell Amplication
+0.15% Magic Resistance