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Darkest Dungeon Ancestor announcer available in Dota 2 on October 2

After three years in the making, Red Hook finally gives fans a much-anticipated treat

The Ancestor.
Red Hook | Darkest Dungeon Official Wiki

Fans of Dota 2 and Darkest Dungeon may already share a love for brutal, unforgiving video games, but now they’ll have something else in common: the dramatic, eerie and foreboding narrator that speaks of the horrors the player faces.

The team behind Darkest Dungeon, Red Hook, shared in a DLC update post that an announcer pack featuring the Ancestor, the RPG’s infamous narrator, will be available for $9.99. They shared that “whomping” 715 lines has been recorded for the pack, and that Valve has created new triggers specifically for the pack — meaning we’ll hear the Narrator respond to in-game events other announcer packs haven’t.

This announcer pack has been over three years in the making, with plenty of fan demand to keep Red Hook on its toes. The Darkest Dungeon team officially confirmed on Twitter that they were working on it in June 2015, stating they were in the writing process.

With only a few intermittent updates, the news about it was slow since. When the studio dropped DLC earlier this year, it came with the hope for Dota 2 fans to finally see the Ancestor announcer pack emerge — but it never emerged.

Several months ago, Wayne June, the voice actor responsible, confirmed on Twitter that he had just finished recording his lines for the pack, with the audio in post-production at the studio’s go-to audio company, PowerUp.

The announcer pack was finally announced last week alongside the Red Hook blog post sharing that Darkest Dungeon’s various DLC would be coming to console editions of the game.