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Icefrog: Minor Dota 2 gameplay patches to occur every two weeks

Instead of irregular larger patches, Valve is testing the premise in the six months leading up to The International 8’s typical dates.

via Dota 2 blog

In a series of evening tweets, Dota 2 lead developer Icefrog announced a change in how Valve updates the game. Instead of posting massive gameplay patches irregularly, Dota 2 will have gameplay updates every two weeks, on Thursdays.

Since this announcement was made on the first of February, it appears the trial period will take place in the months leading directly up to The International 8’s typical dates, in early August.

The second tweet also makes it apparent that Valve is looking at its history of gameplay patch feedback. Currently, the game gives minimal heads-up about gameplay patches, especially intermediate ones. Such heads-ups, namely for “alphabetical” patches (i.e. 6.86a, 7.06b) are kept in a small flashing notification tab in the upper right-hand corner of the game client’s home screen. In short, it’s easy to miss.

While the announcement comes on Wednesday night, there’s no knowing when the first patch will actually be, as Icefrog did not clarify this fact.