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True Sight mini-documentary, this time featuring TI7’s Grand Finals, is now available to watch

The Dota 2 film features the emotional rides of Team Liquid and Newbee as they battle for $10.9 million.

True Sight film/Valve

The latest film in Valve’s official True Sight series is now available for esports fans to watch for free online.

The True Sight series features a number of Dota 2 teams as they battle through official Valve tournaments for a shot at millions of dollars and glory in one of the toughest competitive video games to date.

This edition, which clocks in at just under half an hour, takes no shortcuts in bringing viewers into one of the most highly-anticipated finals series of the esports year. It follows European Team Liquid and Chinese team Newbee as they take on the finals of Valve’s $24.7 million tournament.

True Sight’s production crew hooked up microphones onto each player and mixes this in with exclusive in-booth video and audio to give in-depth insight into the players’ mentalities, reactions and emotions.

For those eager to get into the adventure, there are two ways you can watch this new episode of True Sight.

True Sight is available via Steam as a video, which will put the video into your library. The Steam edition includes options for Russian and Simplified Chinese subtitles.

The docufilm is also available via the official Dota 2 YouTube channel, which includes only Russian subtitles at the moment:

A similar episode featuring the Grand Finals of the Kiev Major in May 2017, featuring European squad OG and Russian team Virtus Pro, is also available for free via these avenues.

However, only those who purchased a Winter 2016 Battle Pass can officially access the “first season.” These episodes follow North American favorites Evil Geniuses and fallen Southeast Asian team Fnatic as they attempt to take on the Boston Major.