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Custom Frostivus game mode contest announced with $30,000 top prize

The wintery Dota 2 holiday returns with a Valve-sponsored gift for talented game developers.

Dota 2 Official Blog/Valve

An official contest to create the next Frostivus game mode has been announced with at $30,000 grand prize.

According to the rules, the custom games made for the contest “must be a new game mode for Dota 2, heavily themed around Frostivus.” The game can be made by any number of contributors, so long as it adheres to the rules. It must also be multiplayer for up to ten people, though it can be competitive or cooperative (or both, assumedly).

For those wondering what a “Frostivus Game” means, there’s not much to worry about. In 2012, the story focuses on the Greevils, a fiendish NPC that must be defeated in the official game mode. Official lore is also sprinkled with lively winter activities enjoyed by different characters in the game.

On the other hand, the next year became a bit more solemn. Wraith Night acted as an elaborate model replacement announcement in 2013’s Frostivus game mode. Around that time, models were being swapped out likely due to Blizzard copyright questions, and the old Skeleton King hero was “removed for pressing ceremonial reasons.” The Wraith King model that replaced this character, still used to this day, was featured as the centerpiece for a wave-defense game mode.

In other words, as long as there’s snow and holiday spirit, and the game is actually playable (according to the rules’ standards), anything likely goes—and the custom game “arcade” is always ready for new modes to try.