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True Sight documentary of The International 7 Grand Finals announced

Officially commissioned and published by Valve, the film has been given a release date and appears to cover both finalist teams’ journeys.

Team Newbee in their team suite after The International 7’s Grand Finals. True Sight : The International 2017 Finals Teaser/Valve

The next release of the True Sight documentary series has been announced by Valve with a teaser. The series focuses on The International 7’s $10 million Grand Finals and will be released September 26th.

The official teaser is a quick but stunning ride through the euphoria of victory and loss. Viewers are shown the moments after Team Liquid’s victory from the stage itself, as confetti, crew and Liquid staff crowd the stage.

What took fans’ breath away in early impressions, though, is a smooth and quiet cut to the Newbee organization’s suite. Having already returned upstairs, the team quietly reels about their loss, with fan favorite Sccc especially expressive.

Officially commissioned by Valve, True Sight follows contenders for Valve events through their journeys. The first season, culminating at the Boston Majors, shares the journeys of Evil Geniuses and Fnatic, the latter of which unsuccessfully participated in the event’s closed qualifiers. Instead of a full season, the second True Sight series opted to focus on the Kiev Majors Grand Finals between OG and Virtus.Pro.

The True Sight series received plenty of positive feedback for creating candid portraits of players and teams’ dynamics as they progressed through official Valve events.

However, it did get some kickback for creating “heels” out of certain parties during tense moments. For instance, Chai “Mushi” Yee Fung, on Fnatic during Season 1, came off to many as an overbearing personality. Virtus.Pro’s members were also portrayed as having more rough personalities between their Kiev Major Grand Finals games.

Still, the positives shined above the flaws, and more True Sight seasons and movies have remained a popular fan request.