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Dota 2 bids adieu to TI7 Battle Pass, including Chat Wheel, Siltbreaker

While originally extended due to the Siltbreaker delay, the TI7 Battle Pass has reached the end of its lifespan.

Dota 2 Official Blog

No, your client isn’t bugged: the “waows” are echoes of the past, and the betting tokens are stashed away. The Battle Pass for The International 7 has come to a formal and final end, ending several months of nifty in-game features for those willing to spend a little money.

Originally, the deadline for earning and using Battle Pass rewards was The International 7’s final day, August 12. After both halves of the game’s first official co-op campaign, Siltbreaker, were respectively delayed, Valve opted to give owners more time to appreciate and utilize the Battle Pass’s features.

Valve did cut off level purchasing several days after the conclusion of The International, but those that already owned the Battle Pass were allowed to continue to level through quests, Siltbreaker, game betting and more.

The Battle Pass accomplished quite a lot in its time. For one, the Battle Pass and those giving levels brought TI7’s prize pool above $24 million, meaning players contributed over $23 million—and spent $92 million total—during the Pass’s life span. This made The International the esports event with the largest purse for the fifth year in a row.

Aside from the first official story campaign, fans also saw the birth of the Chat Wheel, allowing players to key-bind sound effects and use them in-game. It became a massive hit with not only salty casuals, but pros as well, who would utilize (perhaps even spam) them during professional matches.

On the flip side, at least plain towers are back.