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Manila Masters crew auctions signed EternaLEnVy “chair issues” seat for chair-ity

The proceeds for the auction, with a $322 starting bid, will go to terrorist siege relief charity.

Promotional image for the auction.
Manila Masters site

If you’ve ever wanted to own a piece of Dota 2 meme history, don’t let this opportunity slip. The Manila Masters event crew is now auctioning the chair that Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao fell out of on-camera, with a fitting starting bid of $322.

The chair is one of the Manila Masters-branded chairs used during the event, which appear to have been made exclusively for this event. For this specific seat and auction, they also acquired and embroidered Mao’s signature onto the back, making it a truly unique piece of esports memorabilia.

Behind the chair is a brief but viral moment that gave the already-charming Filipino event one more meme to spam. At the Manila Majors, the production crew would show live footage of the players during their games’ drafting phases. In an unfortunate moment (for Mao, anyway), the NP captain and carry slipped out of his chair onto the floor—and the camera caught it all.

Now, it seems that the Mineski Events Team wants to bring a bit of comfort using a chair that frankly couldn’t. The proceeds will go to the non-profit Salinlahi Alliance Philippines, and more specifically to relief funds and supplies for those under terrorist siege in the Marawi region. Such attacks began days after the Manila Masters took place in late May.

The Salinlahi Alliance’s goal, according to their website, is to “unite & strenghten the network of various initiatives in reponse to the needs & the situation of the Filipino child as well as promoting their rights both national and international.”