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Fear returns to Evil Geniuses after year-long retirement

The Dota 2 veteran will be filling in the support and captain roles.

Official image for the Fear Returns press release.
Evil Geniuses official site

Clinton “Fear” Loomis has officially announced his re-return to the Evil Geniuses roster. After a year off from the team, which he called his retirement at the time, he has come onto the current EG roster as a captain and position-five support, shifting Andreas “Cr1t-” Nielsen from this position into the position-four role.

The Dota 2 (and DotA All-Stars) veteran is not only closely tied to the game, but to Evil Geniuses itself. His journey in the Valve edition of the game began The International 1, for which he was featured in the Free To Play documentary. For this film commissioned by the game developer, he had played with the team Online Kingdom.

After TI, in late 2011, he switched to Evil Geniuses, where he has been an on-and-off staple member since. He’s filled all roles and was on the team as a carry during EG’s win at The International 5.

Loomis semi-retired to act as a coach for EG during the 2016-17 year, remaining closely affiliated with the org.

Loomis’s return follows a poor performance by EG at The International 7, which also led to the departure of Ludwig “zai” Wåhlberg from the squad.