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The International 7 prize pool: Winner will get over $10 million, but plenty to go around

Even some teams that didn’t make the main event will get a piece of the prize pool.


Heading into day one of The International 7 we already knew that the prize pool had surpassed last year’s as the biggest for any esports tournament ever. What we didn’t know was how exactly the prize pool would be distributed. Thankfully, Valve revealed exactly that shortly before the tournament’s main event kicked off on Monday.


This isn’t much different from last years apart from a far higher total pool. First place will receive almost 2 million more than The International 6 champions, Wings Gaming. Interestingly, this year’s prize distribution also includes smaller prize payouts for the 17 and 18 place teams, neither of which technically participate in the main event itself. This marks the first time that Valve will reward teams who just missed the cut for the main event.

For more information on The International 7 qualifiers and main event check out our schedule here. If you’re new to DOTA 2, and don’t wanna feel left out of the TI7 action we also have a new comers’ guide here.