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TI7 Group Stage results — LGD.Fy, Liquid take top; Fnatic, Hellraisers first eliminated

The Upper and Lower Brackets have been decided, and the stage is almost set.

Team Liquid at The International 7.
Official Dota 2 Instagram/Valve

After a grueling four days of nonstop Dota 2 action, the group stages of The International have wrapped up, and the fate of the Main Event is set in stone.

At the front of the race is Chinese team LGD.Forever Young in Group B, which emerged from the group stage nearly undefeated at 14-2. They only dropped a single game respectively to European OG and American Digital Chaos in the final day, well after their fate at the top of the group was determined.

In Group A’s top spot was Europe’s Team Liquid, which emerged with 13-3 and not a single full set dropped, losing singles to America’s Evil Geniuses, LGD and Filipino squad TNC Pro Team. While LGD-Gaming from China took a solid lead in the first few days, alongside their sister team in Group B, LGD eventually dropped one set to regional rivals iG.Vitality, plus one game to Evil Geniuses.

TNC Pro Team became a top dark horse of the stage. Hailing from the Philippines as the top team from the Main Qualifiers, they secured a spot in the Upper Bracket of Group A with a solid 9-7 score, notably above Chinese squad iG.Vitality and European fan favorites Team Secret.

Meanwhile, the teams that laid closest to an Upper-Lower Bracket tiebreaker were OG and CIS team of Group B. However, after took a 1-1 series against iG.Vitality, VP took the upper bracket spot, relegating OG down to the Lower Bracket.

Ohaiyo of Fnatic, which was eliminated during the Group Stages.
Official Dota 2 Instagram/Valve

Given the format, two teams had to fall in this stage, meaning the lowest-scoring team from the bottom of each group was sent home. Fnatic, the SEA-region team, couldn’t quite topple many teams, with a 2-14 final score. Meanwhile, Hellraisers, the European open qualifier team, couldn’t keep up their pre-TI momentum with a 1-15 finish in Group B.

Standings concluded as follows:

Upper Bracket:

  • LGD.Forever Young (China) — 14-2
  • Team Liquid (Europe) — 13-3
  • LGD-Gaming (CN) — 12-4
  • Evil Geniuses (North America)
  • Newbee (CN) — 11-5
  • (Commonwealth of Independent States) — 10-6
  • TNC Pro Team (Southeast Asia) — 9-7

Lower Bracket:

  • OG (EU) — 9-7
  • IG.Vitality (CN) — 7-9
  • Team Secret (EU) — 7-9
  • Team Empire (CIS) — 6-10
  • Cloud9 (NA) — 6-10
  • Digital Chaos (NA) — 6-10
  • Infamous (South America) — 5-11
  • Execration (SEA) — 5-11


  • Fnatic (SEA) — 2-14
  • Hellraisers (EU) — 1-15

Group A

Group B