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Team Liquid are The International 7 champions

They snatched victory with a slash.

Team Liquid hold the Aegis of Champions after winning The International 7.
@Dota2 Official Twitter/Valve

After a year of highs and lows for Team Liquid, the European squad culminated a year of work and events in a massive victory at The International. They take away over $10 million from the largest prize in esports.

Team Liquid was the final hope of the non-Chinese teams going into the final few days of The International; they had the unfortunate task of taking out the final other one, Virtus.Pro, in the lower brackets. This meant that they had to make up for their performance versus China’s LGD-Gaming in the upper brackets that brought them down into the lower. Still, it gave them an incredible chance to forge a comeback story.

The final battle in the event saw an incredibly overpowering push into Newbee’s base. Amer "Miracle-" Al-Barkawi on his Juggernaut had an overwhelming performance throughout the game, which culminated in a final team wipe that caused Newbee to call the game over.

But the other true MVP of the series—and likely the whole event—was Maroun "GH" Merhej, who played an incredible offlane-ganker type and shone through his terrifying Earthshaker plays. His series of stuns and powerful one-off hits were a thread in his team’s

This is all not to say that Newbee and the team’s former opponents were no match, as Newbee had plenty of great teamfights and held strong momentum, especially in the second and third games. Still, Liquid’s wins were quite persuasive and brought the cheers of the crowd as they held the Aegis on stage.