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Two new Dota 2 heroes confirmed at The International 7

The two characters briefly met in a new trailer.

Valve has confirmed two new heroes to be included in Dota 2, as presented in a new trailer shown during The International 7. The heroes will be introduced in “The Dueling Fates” update.

One of the two heroes, a Puss-in-Boots like figure, is shown jumping around and slicing into enemies with a proud attitude. Later in the video a pixie-like character, enters, and the two talk about the questionable safety of the forest. The latter makes a smug comment about such before unleashing a small, dark wisp-like creature.

It was known that new hero assets were being introduced into the game itself under the alias “Sylph.” However, it was only for one character, which appears to be the pixie-like one. The other hero’s assets have not been spotted yet by fans.

Valve has not put out any more information about the new heroes or upcoming content except the patch name at this time.