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The quick-start guide to The International 7’s Fantasy league

Your step-by-step guide to building your dream roster.

Many fans of The International enjoy theory-crafting and predictions, and the Fantasy Team feature of the Compendium is the perfect marriage of the two. The Fantasy Team game allows Battle Pass owners to show off their knowledge of Dota 2 in order to make their ultimate dream team and earn points to compete with friends (and possibly, the world). If the Fantasy draft is good enough, there are even Battle Points at stake.

Want to get started and show off your esports chops? Check out our step-by-step start-up guide.

Step 1: Unlock Fantasy Team & Player Cards through Battle Pass

The Fantasy feature comes in The International 7 Compendium, which is included with the TI7 Battle Pass.

In order to put players in each day’s Fantasy Team, you need to unlock them by unpacking Player Card Packs, which can be earned in the Battle Pass at certain levels. All Battle Pass owners begin with 12. Once you begin opening them, you can also destroy duplicates in order to earn “dust,” which unlocks more packs.

Step 2: Pick Fantasy Teams for each day of the event

Time to build your team! Pick your favorite players from the cards you’ve unpacked and put them into your team.

The team selection process will automatically sort out players by their role: Core (Carry and Mid), Offlane, and Support. You can use one player card across multiple days, but not one player multiple times within a day (sorry, no full-EternaLEnVy team).

Gold and Silver Cards will earn you more of select stats; for instance, you can earn a 10% increase in points for kills, or 25% increase for Roshan last hits. Silver cards include three such perks, and Gold cards have five. Be sure to use these generously!

Step 3: Let the players play

Players’ statistics will automatically update with every match of TI7. Only the highest-scoring two games of a best-of-three will count; the highest three of a best-of-five count as well.

Fantasy points are earned as follows:

  • Kill — 0.3/per
  • Death — (-).03/per
  • Last hit/deny — 0.003/per
  • GPM — GPM total x 0.002
  • Tower last hit — 1/per
  • Roshan last hit — 1/per
  • Teamfight participation — Percentage x 3 (i.e. [4 participated/7 total] x 3 = 1.7143 points)
  • Observer Ward placement — 0.5/per
  • Neutral Camp Stacked — 0.5/per
  • Rune taken/bottled — 0.25/per
  • First Blood last hit — 4
  • Stun on enemy — 0.05/second

Points will accumulate throughout the day, and you’ll be ranked by points on your friends’ and the global leaderboards.

Step 4: Keep your Fantasy Team updated

As the event unfolds, players will come and go each day—or perhaps even look better or worse than you initially thought. Make sure you update your Fantasy Team by 9 AM PDT (12 PM EDT) each morning of the event, as selection locks at that time.

Step 5: See how your team did

Throughout the event, your team will be ranked based on Fantasy points earned. If your team is in the top 50%, you’ll start earning points:

  • Top 50% — 4000 Battle Points
  • Top 25% — 8,000 Battle Points
  • Top 50% — 16,000 Battle Points

There are a lot of points at stake, so stay on top of your team!