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Battle Pass owners can now unwrap Player Card, choose $100k All-Star Match Picks

Here’s what Valve has unleashed in their Compendium.

For fans already excited for The International 7, Valve has finally started releasing content relating to the tournament.

Players with the Battle Pass, which includes the TI7 compendium, can now open their piles of Player Cards and vote for who’ll play in the All-Star Match.

Fans with Player Cards will get a certain number based on their Battle Pass Level. Much like last year, certain Player Cards come in Gold and Silver, with improved stats for the Fantasy Team feature. There are two types of packs: regular, including one guaranteed Silver or Gold, and one Premium, with a guaranteed Gold.

Fans wishing to get ahead of the game can start putting in their Fantasy Teams, using any combination of players in any position. You can put in your favorite players in each slot and hope for the best, or literally just put in your whole favorite team as-is if you think each player’s the best in the scene. (Sadly, they’ve removed the option to make an entire team of a single player’s cards.) Fans will earn Battle Pass points based on their team’s performance that day.

And the most dedicated fans will get rewarded for filling up their teams. For each team with a full collection of players, the player will unlock that organization’s logo for use in an emoji, teleport effect, and effigy banner in the base.

Meanwhile, Valve has also announced a $100,000 All-Star Match, with the fans’ pick of two teams facing off in a proper Captain’s Mode game. The winner of the game will take home the match’s grand prize pool.

One fan has already reassembled their Korean avengers:

colonparenthesis/Dota 2 subreddit

Indeed, this is the lineup for MVP Phoenix that played at TI6; every single player is, in fact, playing for a new foreign team now, and fans are in love with the fact that this All-Star lineup exists.

Of course, there’s a second team that the user likely excluded. And if you’re a little more serious about the cause, you can also make your own lineup of players that you’d like to see play. There’s no wrong choice—after all, the fans will be the true winners in the end.