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Real-life Baby Roshan Statue, in-game Roshan Skin offered to Battle Pass Level 2000 players

Homages to a beast as big as these players’ wallets.

Players can’t get enough of The International 7’s Battle Pass, with owners climbing thousands of levels to earn piles of prizes. Now, they’ll be able to add two more to their treasury, as Valve has introduced a new real-life collector’s Baby Roshan statuette and an exclusive in-game Roshan skin to those who reach Level 2000.

The in-game Roshan skin is no small deal, as he’s decked out in golden, including an entirely golden left arm. The skin allows all players in the owner’s game to see Roshan’s gorgeous custom form. However, fans will only be able to enjoy it until May 1, 2018, when most of the other Battle Pass items also expires.

On the other hand, the Baby Roshan statuette lasts forever. The real-life replica clocks in at 8.5cm by 9cm (3.34in by 3.54in), with a nickel silver finish. It’ll be very small, but size is nothing compared to the cost and/or grind of such a high Battle Pass level.

Community courier Wykrhm shared an image of both, including a full view of the skin:

If you’ve reached this tier, you have until August 25th to register on the Aegis Registration site.