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TI7 Battle Pass extended to September 10, Siltbreaker Act 2 to August 20

Valve seems to be keeping the fans’ experience in mind with these changes.

[UPDATE: All great things must come to an end — the Battle Pass has concluded as of Monday, September 18, 2017.]

Valve have announced that the release date of Siltbreaker has been pushed back from their original estimate of July to a solid date of August 20th. In the announcement blog, they also stated that in order to allow fans to catch up, the Battle Pass itself will also be extended to September 10th.

Valve’s delay this time could be for both patching and balance reasons, as there’s very little time between the campaign’s release and the end of the Battle Pass season, after which the campaign will be cut off.

Siltbreaker Act 1 was oddly-received by fans. While many have spent endless hours trying to master the event, it would be because the campaign itself was known to be somewhat difficult. Early-game spawns would be devastating, and for a while, it was difficult to climb past even the first boss. On top of this, endless bugs and other balance issues caused the developers to push quite a few patches. With these in mind, a delay could mean Valve is paying attention, or even wish for fans to pay attention to the upcoming tournament The International itself.

The Siltbreaker delay also adds another date change to the Battle Pass’s saga. The original date for the Battle Pass’s end was a week after The International’s end, on August 20th. After the Battle Pass represented the end date as September 1, the concern was brought up to Valve, who re-patched it back to August 20th. However, this wasn’t enough, as Valve likely feared that consumer law in regions such as Europe and Australia would be against them, and they moved it back to September 1.

Now, this patch adds an extra nine days for fans’ item-grinding needs—and Valve’s campaign-fixing needs.