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Short Film and Cosplay Competitions bring creative heat to The International 7

These contests are worth a considerable sum of money, too.

Spectators and attendees at The International will see not just a display of in-game talent, but also creativity from the community’s artists and artisans. Valve has brought back two contests, the Short Film Contest and Cosplay Contest, and both have quite a bit of prize money to share.

Returning to The International is the Short Film Contest, which has been a popular community effort for several years now. Filmmakers are challenged to make a 90-second film (up from a mere 60 seconds in prior years) to show off their cinematic visions.

The best part is likely the variety of media that is put into play, as last year’s ranged from adorable animated musicals to dramatic Steam Filmmaker spectacles and anything in-between. Past years have even seen short live-action comedies by well-known montage parody creators.

Fans only have until July 25th to complete their masterpieces, but all finalists will earn a minimum $500 prize. The top visionaries will claim the top prizes at $25,000 for first, $15,000 for second and $10,000 for third.

Film aficionados at home can vote for the best (or worst) of films in the Workshop’s Short Film Contest section.

The Cosplay Contest also makes its return to The International as the best costumers in Dota 2 make their way to Seattle. Each will push the limits of their talent for their share of a $15,000 prize pool.

This year, Valve has made it easier for cosplayers who couldn’t nab a ticket in the TI7 Ticketmaster rush, as any cosplayer with or without a ticket will be permitted to participate. Even for fun cosplayers, it’ll be a treat, as they’re handing out nifty little “Cosplay Crests” to every participant:

Any aspiring cosplayers need to make it clear that it’s their work, though, as the sign-up form requires pictures of the “work in progress.” With $15,000 and a walk on the main stage at stake, though, it’s clear that Valve and contest supervisor PGL is taking the effort seriously, and if last year’s process is similar to TI7’s, the judges will make painstaking efforts to truly pick out the best.

There’s no deadline listed, but cosplayers likely need to sign up sooner than later on the dedicated page.