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Valve quietly retroactively rewards rare items from Immortal Treasure III

It was like Christmas early for a handful of players.

If a Sven Immortal has popped up in your inventory after opening Immortal Treasure III, don’t fear, it’s legitimate. Valve is handing out its various bonus items retroactively to a lucky few Battle Pass owners who already opened at least one Immortal Treasure III.

After the release of the TI7 Immortal Treasure III, a lot of users noticed something odd—or the lack of something, really: very few received the bonus chance items. In fact, so few received anything at all, that it became a common complaint on Reddit.

The high expectations come from a chest mechanic called Escalating Odds, an additional goody within an already-RNG-heavy game item. Beginning with the Winter 2016 Battle Pass Treasures, certain treasures would be more likely to appear with each random chest opened. It was first only for “Ultra Rare,” but Rare and Very Rare items were added for The International 6’s treasures. These odds are only for “bonus” items, which have a chance of appearing alongside the expected selection of items.

Basically, with money-spending or hard-grinding users opening chests in large quantities, it was almost expected that at least something would happen. The lack of any prize for most users left fans disappointed and outraged.

Then according to patch notes posted by Reddit contributor and patch analyst SirBelvedere, plus many users replying in the comments, it appears that Valve retroactively gave users a chance to receive those items. It was fixed within 24 hours of the chest coming out.

It’s likely that this means they upped the chances of Rare drops and above, but there’s been no confirmation of such.

And some still aren’t too happy, anyway:

Whatever the case, it sounds like Valve is still paying attention to the community (or at least Reddit), even as the time before TI7 comes excitingly close.