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Immortal Treasure III is now out for Dota 2’s Battle Pass owners

The simplicity shines.

(Dota 2 Blog/Valve)

Battle Pass owners will open up their Dota 2 clients to some great news on Friday, as the third Immortal Treasure set has finally been released by Valve. This one features weapons and parts that make a solid visual impact and make their heroes shine—literally.

In this chest in particular, the items are much more simplistic. Each emphasizes its visual impact over its grandeur, focusing on intense particle effects and strong, bold colors that go well with the heroes’ color schemes. Sadly for those who enjoyed the offbeat themes of some of the older sets’ items, these are more minimalist, but those who didn’t like the unusual designs of the other items will certainly find enjoyment from of these.

For instance, there’s Weaver’s Crimson Cyrridae, an item based off the bug’s feature that seems entirely fictional. It comes with a custom skin for Swarm that gives his bugs a similar red glow, and the shining effects give the opponents more urgency in swatting them off.

Spectre’s Transversant Soul is also an example of simple beauty. The item, which includes a custom trail for Spectral Dagger, stands out and accents her color scheme without taking over her whole figure.

Like the other sets thus far, there are only six primary items. For this chest, there are two items earned through luck. One is a golden edition of the aforementioned Weaver item.

The other is a sword for Sven with effects for multiple abilities: custom crit effects, Great Cleave effects, and God’s Strength visuals.

Fans can also earn 50 Battle Pass levels if they’re lucky enough.

As usual, the low item count means fans don’t need to worry about the massive amounts of grinding required to the main six item, as the chest itself comes much more sparsely in upper levels than the two prior.

Here are the items and rewards you can get in the new chest, in order by hero name and rarity:

  • Legion Commander — Baneful Devotion
  • Sand King — The Barren Vector
  • Spectre — Transversant Soul
  • Viper — Malefic Drake’s Hood
  • Weaver — Crimson Cyrridae (Very Rare available)
  • Winter Wyvern — Iceflight Edifice
  • Sven — Vigil Triumph (Ultra Rare)

All items are listed and displayed on the Battle Pass site and in the in-client Pass itself.