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LGD, LGD.FY, Newbee dominate home turf at Mars Dota 2 League

The victory sets an electric atmosphere for the end of the competitive season.

LGD player “Maybe” at the media photoshoot.
(@MarsMedia on Twitter)

Mars Dota 2 League wrapped up this weekend in China, and LGD Gaming, one of the country’s premier squads, came out on top.

The finals between LGD and their sister squad LGD.ForeverYoung (LFY) pushed all the way to the fifth game. The teams took long, tense matches from each other before LGD won the test of endurance, taking the event’s top prize with a beastly Anti-Mage performance by 王淳煜, or “Ame.”

Winning MDL was no small feat for any team, especially LGD. The event brought out the top game of the country’s strongest teams, as every team represented at MDL will also show up for The International 7’s main event. The top three finishers were among the top in China: LGD, LFY and Newbee respectively placed in the event.

Meanwhile, Western fans have a lot to worry about after this tournament. On the path to the finals, LGD knocked European four-time Valve event winner OG in the upper bracket, who were eventually eliminated by Newbee. LGD, pushed down a bracket by LFY, also did work knocking out Newbee in the lower bracket.

Not only is this optimistic for LGD’s time at The International 7, which LGD qualified for through regional qualifiers, but it’s also a culmination of ages of work and shuffling. MDL is LGD’s first LAN win in several years, which is no small achievement for the squad. The squad features a nice mix of newcomers and veterans, especially Maybe, a top Chinese player who’s been on-and-off with LGD for several years. Now, the team has a lot to look forward to going into TI7—but will their strength here carry overseas to Seattle?