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New Alliance squad reigns over The Final Match in Peru

The tier-two tournament delivered high-quality action below the equator.


After a shuffle that saw the end of an era, Alliance have come back to take its first event at The Final Match.

Alliance faced off against SG E-sports in the conclusion to the Peruvian event, which showed off a not-insignificant $50,000 prize pool and concluded this weekend. SG, known for its surprising Kiev run, showed a strong face in the finals match, but Alliance slowly rolled into victory in the last game.

The Peruvian event, held this weekend, brought together the best tier-two teams against South America’s own top teams. The week dragged out for many teams, as seven games topped the 50-minute mark in-game, and at least three went over an hour. (When you also consider a ten-plus-minute drafting phase, plus a minute or two pre-game, that adds up.)

The event proved quite a lot for the teams in question. The tournament was the first of its kind in recent years: a truly international Dota 2 tournament in South America, where the game flourishes. It showed intense matches, including a memorable All-Star game featuring some of the most famous players of several orgs, plus an audience member per team.

The Final Match wasn’t as big as other tournaments such as Epicenter, but it was certainly a great preview of what a Minor could accomplish. It displayed a number of “tier-two” teams from beyond South America, including Alliance, the Korean MVP Revolution and CIS squad Team Spirit; despite production errors that included player name typos, the event’s team showed promise. A $50,000 prize pool, is small in the age of million-dollar Majors, but the prospect of a Valve sponsorship at $150,000 could make third-party sponsorship bumps more enticing—which means great things for Dota 2-heavy regions like Peru.