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Epicenter’s stage is the stunning visual centerpiece of the live event

The Russian event’s visuals leave fans in the stadium and at home stunned.

A still of the Epicenter opening ceremony.
Epicenter media

Epicenter’s Dota 2 iteration is known for impressing the Dota 2 community for its community contributions, including their hospitality and large prize pool. But especially for fans lucky enough to attend the event live, the production quality - specifically, the stage itself - has left attendees stunned.

In its second year, the event continued that reputation, with visual effects sprawling throughout the screen. It began with a gorgeous opening ceremony that made use of everything it had, taking place across the LED screen through the projection-mapped borders and making a show out of the venue’s lighting as well.

The choreography and story of the ceremony itself was outstanding, depicting heroes fighting and syncing the lighting to events within the video. It ends with a silky-smooth and beautiful transition where rocks fall into place to form the stage itself.

The teams also received a bit of proper hype themselves through the stage’s effects.

Each team is introduced with a unique visual show of similar caliber, accompanied by the announcement of each player through a deep, rumbling announcer.

Last year, the teams were announced together at the opening ceremony. The issue this year is that teams have already been eliminated, likely making it harder to put together such a fluid introduction again. Still, these pre-game introductions easily make up for it.

And even in the match itself, the stage is dazzling and bright, so there’s little to no reason for spectators to pull their eyes away:


The production of this event has gone smoothly so far, and these visuals are a feather in the organizers’ caps.