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Beyond The Summit will cover The International 7 qualifiers

It’s already shaping up to be a pretty crazy event.

Beyond The Summit returns for yet another year of covering The International 7’s qualifiers. The studio announced on Reddit and its other social media sites the lineup and plans for the annual event.

The theme this year is “Hot Tub TI Machine,” a gag referring simultaneously to the bro-movie genre and TI7’s heavy aquatic themes. The announcement was even spearheaded with a video skit throwing funemployed Dota 2 legend Charlie Yang back into a TI event from “Aegis” past:

If the event is even remotely as fun as the video plus the studio’s other Summit events, then fans are in for a treat.

In the announcement, a solid group of well-known personalities and casters were also revealed:

But that’s certainly not all, as the event teased what they called a “24-Hour Fun Stream” and a “Hub Olympic Games” hosted by British personality Pyrion Flax, who will be hosting the games “where casters and talent will compete with each other in a variety of stupid events.”

What sorts of games? Who knows, but The Summit has had bouncy slides, inflatable pools, and bean-bag toss in the past, so anything goes. (As long as it fits in their backyard, anyway.)

They’ve also announced expanded content courtesy of “new meme division and content team.” The standards remain high after their beautiful Thanksgiving team portraits and their Smash Summit gag interviews (language warning because, of course, Hungrybox).

All we know here is, English viewers are in for a whirlpool blast(er).

The qualifiers will be hosted by BTS June 25th through the 29th.