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Why Valve should release Siltbreaker in the next 18 hours

Eyes on the prizes, squad.


Very little in the Battle Pass for The International 7 has been more anticipated than the Siltbreaker campaign. The first official co-op that’s not a tutorial, the mode is split into two parts, the first of which is “The Sands of Fate.”

Of course, we’re working on Valve Time, and while the developers have been fairly reliable about date-based releases, the “later this month” didn’t give much hope for fans to boot. Worse, they delayed it by a week, hoping to fine-tune it.

Which, we’re understanding of. We’d rather not play a buggy game; if we were ever in the mood for that, we’d just do Ability Draft.

But Dota 2 is also the community that (embarrassingly) started the “giff” meme, and so I personally want nothing more than to get our webby fingers on the new game mode. And I swear, I have a great argument for Valve to pull an all-nighter and get it done in the next 18 hours. (Time of writing is approximately 7PM EDT, so that means my desired deadline is 10AM PDT, aka Valve’s timezone.)

It’s Epicenter’s “off” day

(Besides the delayed Secret versus LGD.Fy match.)

Sorry, pros, we’re not ashamed to use you as leverage in this battle. Regardless, for both pros and fans alike, a co-op mode would be a great time-killer in the day between the group stages and playoffs.

It’d be a great way for fans to forget that their favorite team is close to destruction, plus cool off before jumping between bandwagons.

It’ll be Thursday

Thursday is a great day for pre-weekend releases. It gives Valve a day to work out the kinks before the flood of younger or nine-to-five players officially start off their weekend.

A Thursday release also gives time for those of us going away for whatever reason to get a head start before our vacations, weddings, graduations and baby showers.

We need more time to grind Part One before the next one

Let’s face it: We’re all going to be grinding this content for as many Battle Points as possible, plus whatever goodies. And, someone is inevitably going to drag us out of our hard clicking so we can speculate for weeks about petty lore details.

This means we need as much time as possible to get started on this part so we can do all the other cool stuff that the Battle Pass has to offer, with less guilt.

And that means more hours played for Dota 2!

Valve pls.