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Team Secret eliminate OG in Epicenter after YapzOr medical delay

The match between the European teams was delayed after the player’s brief medical scare.

Team Secret after a victory in Epicenter.

Team Secret affirmed their unstoppable strength in all circumstances after eliminating OG from Epicenter, though fans were left worried that their undefeated streak would end in an unprecedented moment.

Secret support player YapzOr, the team’s most recent addition, faced brief medical issues of an unknown nature at the Epicenter tournament in Moscow. The scare caused a shuffle in the event’s schedule and a delay for the match. Already, the game, the first in a series of three was beyond the drafting stage.

A panelist for the event mentioned a nosebleed, but otherwise, no specific details about YapzOr’s sudden condition were confirmed. Meanwhile, Team Secret confirmed the delay, and noted that they took YapzOr to the hospital to ensure that he would be okay:

Sooner than later, YapzOr confirmed he was feeling better, and the team moved into their match with OG:

Upon both teams’ return, the game was played with the same drafts as earlier. Team Secret proceeded to knock the four-time Major winners out from the tournament by bringing their group score into the bottom two.

Team Secret’s run isn’t done yet. While the unusual victory was a punctuation mark on a strong group stage run, the incident caused their last match versus Chinese team LGD.Fy to be rescheduled into tomorrow.

Both teams are completely undefeated this tournament, meaning each has their top seed of the group on the line. The winner of the match will proceed directly to the semifinals of the tournament to face against North America’s Evil Geniuses the top team of the other group.

Note: A previous version of this article stated OG won three Valve Majors.