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Community member shows off sick Shadow Fiend tattoo

And the FACEit admin has more room in his collection.

FearSC, a Dota 2 fan and EU admin of FACEIT, has just revealed his dope new tattoo. On the top of his left arm, just blow the elbow, he has gotten a tattoo of Shadow Fiend. The red and black color shading is impressive to say the least and the bottom of the tattoo bleeds into a watercolors-like style.

He announced it via a reddit post and a post to his personal instagram. In his text, FearSC teases that his next Dota 2 themed tattoo will be of Crystal Maiden. Arguably less metal than Shadow Fiend, Crystal Maiden would make a gorgeous contrast against the fire and brimstone.

Speaking from experience, a deeply colored tattoo around that part of your arm is probably not the most comfortable experience. But surely it was all worth it for some of the absolutely golden comments on FearSC’s reddit post. Check a few of them out yourself in the link above or just take a quick gander at these: