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Welcome to The Flying Courier!

We’re live with news on all things Dota 2!

Welcome to a new Dota 2 journey!

Hey everyone! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of The Flying Courier, this beautiful new site aimed at bringing you a breadth of Dota 2 news and tidbits, esports and beyond.

What exactly do we mean by that? In short, we’re building a tried-and-true model of diverse pieces based on what fans want to see. As you come to our site and peruse our work, we want every player’s shared passion for the game to shine above all else.

Our goal is to talk about as many levels and facets of Dota 2 as we can, from your first foray into the client to the highest tiers of play, from the top Workshop submissions to simple but moving displays of fan work. Dota 2 has been about community from the start, and we intend to work with that in mind and heart.

Yes, the effort sounds as cheesy, but we promise it’s sincere; it sounds daunting, but that’s not a synonym for “impossible” by any means.

We’re here for you, and that means we also want to hear from you! While The Flying Courier is an experiment built with the help of the Polygon crew, based on our sister site The Rift Herald, The Flying Courier is its own deal, one-hundred percent fresh and new. (And The Rift Herald is putting on a brand-new look too, so we’re all on a new journey!) Tell us anything you do or don’t like, or anything you would like. Comment, Tweet, whatever’s easiest -- we’re listening!

With that introduction out of the way, you’re likely wondering who we are. Our starting crew consists of myself, Victoria Rose, along with Ryan Gilliam and others from Polygon and The Rift Herald. Below we’re taking a second to introduce ourselves:

My name is Victoria Rose (@riningear), and I’ve been playing Dota 2 for well over four years now. I can safely say Alliance’s pre-TI3 power streak was what truly drew me into the competitive scene; I’ll never forget Loda throwing T-shirts from the Secret Shop after their TI win. I’ve done a myriad of writing and projects in the Dota 2 community for some time now, credited or not, so when this project was described to me, I knew I had to be a part of it. Anyone who works or chats with can tell you I believe in community above all, so feel free to let me know how your experience here is at any time!

Hello! I’m Ryan Gilliam (@RyGilliam). Usually I write for The Flying Courier’s sister site, Rift Herald, where I am the gameplay lead. But with the launch of this new site, I am super excited to expand into Dota 2 coverage as well. I write gameplay and guide stuff for League, Overwatch and lots of other games. Hopefully, I will get there with Dota 2, but for now I am here to help support Victoria from launch into the foreseeable future! While I am still learning Dota 2, I can’t wait to experience more from this awesome community and help build The Flying Courier with all of you.