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Dota 2 soundtrack available for pre-order

Valve will publish Dota 2’s gorgeous soundtrack for fans to purchase.

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The official art for the Dota 2 soundtrack.

The subtly beautiful soundtrack of Dota 2 will finally be unleashed for the community to own this summer. Valve quietly opened pre-orders for CD and vinyl releases of the music, which will be released on July 28, according to the Amazon page.

The tracklist includes “DOTA2,” the main theme of the game that plays on the client’s menu. The memorable main theme was recorded by a live and full orchestra, as was the new music that shipped with the updated Reborn client in 2015.

The soundtrack isn’t just old tunes. A track dubbed “Monkey King” has been included, meaning the music leads right up to The International 6’s trailer for the hero. Of course, that also means some tracks with the “2016” suffix are likely those from the corresponding Battle Pass. It seems some tracks from the TI4, TI5 and TI6 music packs are included as well.

Gaming fans in love with the fantasy vibe of the music are in good company. The original theme was composed by Jason Hayes, who worked on Blizzard tracks, and Valve’s Tim Larkin, responsible for the Myst series’s audio production among other major works.

The full tracklist as shared by the pre-order sites is below:

  1. DOTA2
  2. Spoils of War
  3. Arcana
  4. Call To Arms
  5. Monkey King
  6. Shifting Snows
  7. Reborn
  8. Wailing Mountains
  9. Startup 2014
  10. Countdown 2014
  11. Battle 2014
  12. Main 2015
  13. Countdown 2015
  14. Battle 2015
  15. Main 2016
  16. Startup 2016
  17. Laning 2016
  18. First Blood