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Earn a Kunkka Immortal style in the new Battle Pass questline

The seafarer can never have enough hats

Good ol’ Captain Kunkka has a brand new Immortal to get with this year’s Battle Pass. This sharky shoulder piece grants Dota’s favorite pirate a fresh fish head to mount upon his pauldrons. More importantly, it changes the icon and animation of Ghostship to make it far cooler than before.

Instead off a ghostship ramming your foes, some very John Williams-esque music begins to play as a massive shark swims up to devour your foes. The shoulder itself has the head of a ghostly shark attached to what appears to be the bottom of an old diver’s helmet. On his back, Kunkka wears a massive harpoon with a small hammerhead shark tied to it.

Kunkka’s Immortal variant color

Getting the Immortal is fairly easy, assuming you are willing to throw down some coin. When players have leveled their Battle Pass all the way up to level 225, the Immortal will be theirs to keep. However, those who want the darker variant of the shoulder will have to complete the new Kunkka quest unlocked at Battle Pass 225.