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Epicenter welcomes Dota 2 participants with gorgeous custom shoes

Helping players get on their feet at the Russian event

Epicenter 2017, the Dota 2 tournament starting in just a few days, has already proven itself to be very cool. Epic Esports Events, the organizers of Epicenter 2017, have provided each player (along with some of the talent involved) with their own goodie bags filled with some cool-ass stuff.

The most notable gift that people have received are some extremely cool shoes.

Look at all these dang shoes and marvel in how cool they are:

Haha, that's cool, thanks epicenter ❤️

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Thanks Epicenter, goddamn. Gotta love walking into your room to find stuff like this.

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Пора тоже отметиться отличными подарками от #epicenter ! Крутой мерч) Спасибо! P.S void style

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New kicks, thanks epicenter! #dota2 #necrophos #dreamgreen #epicenter

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#SWAG #epicenter

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The tongues of the shoes have the individual player’s names printed on them for some extra style. The coolest part, however, has to be the custom sprays on the sides of the shoes. There appear to be three different styles: a blue/purple shoe with Faceless Void, a green shoe with Necrophos and a red shoe with Ogre Magi.

The Epicenter 2017 tournament will be going on starting on June 4th. Tune in and see if you can spot your favorite player sporting their sick new shoes.